Annual Update for Program Reviews

Note to Preparers: The purpose of the Annual Update is to capture some basic information about each program in a snapshot form, which the college can use in making decisions. Rather than duplicating your efforts, the information you provide here can be used as part of your regularly scheduled Program Review (which, depending on your program, occurs every 2-6 years). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any member of EVC’s Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC). Vocational (CTE) programs must complete this update, including Item #6, every two years.

Directions: What has changed since your most recent program review? For each item, please explain any information this is new since your last Program Review. If there is nothing new to report for a given section, please leave it blank.

  1. Commitments to Action (CTAs) for your program/department:
  1. Recent Accomplishments. Were these tied to any existing CTAs?:
  1. Curriculum Updates. Please explain any degree or certificate revisions, new courses,
    or course revisions since your program review was submitted:
  1. Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) and Assessment. Please explain any changes to the following items since your last program review was submitted.
    1. Results of any assessments conducted at the program or course level:
  1. Budget needs. Have these changed at all since your most recent program review was submitted?
    If so, provide new budget and explain how these needs relate to your program’s CTAs.
  1. Vocational (CTE) programs only (departments with CTE TOP Code):