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Fall 2017 Non-Credit Courses


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ENGR 504 - Tech and Contextualized Comm  0.00 Units
Grading: N      |       Advisory Level  —   Read: 2   |  Write: 2  | Math: 0
Recommended: Be able to use computers and the Internet.
This course is designed to develop proficiency in specific integrated and contextualized reading, writing, visualization, and speaking skills and strategies relevant to technical and scientific professions. Topics include reading and writing processes, critical thinking strategies, recognition and composition of coherent and unified texts, effective visualization and public speaking. Through individual and collaborative projects, students will gain practice in researching, designing, and evaluating appropriate communications for varying rhetorical situations. Using both print- and computer-based technologies, students will develop abilities to create and critically analyze documents so that they engage and inform readers in a variety of circumstances.
Reg ID
93447 201 Lec S   09:00 AM—01:50 PM 09/08/18— 10/20/18 AB134  Banafa, Ahmed