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Summer 2023 Low Textbook Cost Courses

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Last Update: 06/02/2023 4:31 PM

ETH 010 - Intro to Ethnic Studies   3.00 Units
Grading: L   |   Advisory Level  —   Read: 3   |  Write: 3  | Math: 0
Transfer Status: CSU/UC |  Degree Applicable: AA/AS
This interdisciplinary course is a combination of the humanities and social sciences. There is an emphasis on the learning of concepts and theories central to the study of Ethnic Studies. The class will also explore the culture concept. Included is an analysis of the interrelationship between the dominant group and various ethnic groups. This course will also serve as an introduction to the experiences and perspectives of selected racial/ethnic group relations in our society.
Reg ID
117545 201 Online   06/05/23— 07/06/23 CANVAS  Nievera-Lozano, Melissaann
  201 Online   06/05/23— 07/06/23 CANVAS  Villarreal, Arturo
Note: This is a fully ASYNCHRONOUS online class with no required in person, on-campus or Zoom meetings. Students will use the college's learning management system, Canvas, for all coursework. For additional class-specific requirements, please email the course instructor. This is a LTC (low textbook cost) section. If there is a required textbook, you will be able to access it online for a low cost or a hard copy for a low cost. To find out more about these courses, visit www.evc.edu/low-textbook-cost-courses