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Intersession 2021 Non-Credit Courses

IO = Internet Online   IH = Internet Hybrid   WE=Work Experience  

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ENGR 500 - Introduction to Engineering  0.00 Units
Grading: N   |   Advisory Level  —   Read: 2   |  Write: 2  | Math: 0
Recommended: Students are expected to be able to use the Internet.
Transfer Status: None |  Degree Applicable: NONC
This course consists of a survey of the field of engineering including all aspects of activities and responsibilities of a practicing engineer. Various disciplines are introduced and preparation and skills needed to successfully complete an engineering education and compete in the profession are detailed. Some historical prospective is included in order to provide a comprehensive view of the field. Topics such as impact of engineering and technology on society, failures, successes, and current/future challenges are also included. This course is intended to provide a general overview of the engineering field to those who are planning on pursuing a technical career.
Reg ID
105786 201 Lec MWF   05:30 PM—08:55 PM 01/04/21— 01/21/21 REALTIME  Tabrizi, Abdollah
Note: To register/enroll for the non-credit courses, please contact non-credit counselor, Kim Nguyen at KimN.Nguyen@evc.edu. This is a synchronous online class with scheduled Zoom meetings at the times listed above. Students will use the college's learning management system, Canvas, for all coursework and classes. For additional class-specific requirements, please email the course instructor. After registering, find out how to log in to Canvas